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Susie Joyce
As a painter, my practice involves using acrylic on canvas and paper, watercolour, gouache, oil and soft pastel. I create layers till it works for me, leaving areas a mixture of translucence, thick layers creating rich colours. The flexible glazes can create accidental marks that can inspire spontaneity and depth. I sometimes place light washes of colour on to the canvas that I allow to flow or dribble and dry, before painting the images I have in mind, using brushes and paint straight onto the canvas. I create collages, using acrylic paint on paper and card plus found objects that inspire me. When preparing paper I use sponges, card, brushes, droppers, and other tools to create texture formed by many layers of over painting, so that various layers of colour come through.  The prepared papers and card are then cut, torn and assembled to form the collage. My paintings generally have been landscapes, sometimes people and now the it is of things abandoned, scrap, old and changed, showing the beauty and light in these things, abstracted and transformed, www.susiejoyce.com