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Rachael Wilmot Gosport, Hampshire
I paint 'Dynamic Abstracts' to express wonder, beauty, and vitality.  That the painting should be beautiful is an important aspect of my work, which is seen as well as felt.  I find it fascinating working with colour, and this is the main element of my work.  Colour has a variety, intensity, and light, which automatically produces an emotional response and connection.  Colour is an expression of energy.  Colour can be seen physically and experienced emotionally, and it informs us on a deeper level.  This deeper level is " The Landscape of Awareness " ~ the subject of my painting.  Awareness is a landscape in itself.  Something real, that can be experienced, explored, and appreciated. I want to bring painting back to its' original perceptual role in stimulating awareness and wonder, and move away from conventional abstract painting with its emphasis on composition or expression.  Perspective enabled a more realistic interpretation of reality in painting, so too colour can engage and draw you in deeper. I work in a square format, in various sizes of canvas from 26 X 26 cm., 40 X 40cm., to 80 X 80 cm.  I paint the edges of the canvas in a key colour in order to move past the limitations of the frame.  In an open composition the eye is naturally drawn to large areas and spaces, and to detailed areas, and the layers and depth pull you into the painting and deeper emotional responses.  The depth is both visual and emotional. I like the versatility of acrylic paint.  I blend, contrast and compliment, and superimpose colours, and work through subtle transitions in layered glazes to provide light and depth.  Rather than mixing colours on the palette, I build layers of translucent colour.  At the start of a painting I establish the light and darker areas, and through a series of glazes build up the tones, and bring out points of light, or let the light radiate through.  I need to keep the colours pure, with dots of colour placed so that the eye blends them together, bringing in an energising dynamic that plays off each colour.  Movement is implied in all my paintings and is carried through flowing forms, dots and marks, of colour.  Movement encourages involvement and feeling.  The colour and gestural brushstrokes suggest vitality, and while my paintings may look spontaneous and 'free flowing', the use of detail and the manipulation of colour is meticulous and precise.  Each dot, mark, and colour, must be in exactly the right place.