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Patrick Haughton
Recent   work,   while   still   containing   reflections   on landscape,   has   shifted   its   emphasis   towards   wider concerns   regarding   a   sense   of   time   and   place.   I   am fascinated   by   ways   in   which   the   transitory   nature of   existence   is   demonstrated;   by   traces   of   former human    social    and    physical    activity    and    natural forces acting on the external world. Works     evolve     in     the     process     of     making,     of constructing   and   assembling,   drawing,   painting,   on canvas,   board   or   paper.   I   constantly   search   for   a visual     language     which     will     communicate     my perceptions     of     place     and     time,     occasionally juxtaposing     fragments     of     found     objects     and documents    with    graphic    media,    thus    introducing elements of reality into the work. Influences   on   my   painting   are   many.   Visual   artists such   as   Picasso,   Braque,   Nicholson   and   Hepworth, are   clearly   important   to   me,   as   is   the   experience   of regular    visits    to    France    and    Germany.    But    the music    played    in    the    studio    -    anything    from    the baroque     to     the     20 th      century     composers     and contemporary   jazz   music,   has   it’s   own   effect   on   the structure   and   content   of   work.   In   the   final   analysis I   would   hope   that   the   work   is   an   honest   reflection of my experience of life.