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The website of the National Acrylic Painters’ Association.  A non-profit making group organised by artists for artists
National Acrylic Painters’ Association
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Nigel Morris
Wirral, Merseyside, United Kingdom Nigel Morris teaches in the northwest and also works as a freelance designer and illustrator. He has been a member of NAPA for 10 years and is their current treasurer. THE NAZCA SERIES These have been inspired by the symbols and patterns constructed on the Peruvian desert known as the plain of Nazca by an ancient race of people the purpose of which is still a mystery. Inspiration is also derived from aerial photographs and maps produced of the area as part of the research undertaken by Dr. Marie Richie. MAPPING AND NAVIGATION SERIES This work has been developed over a number of years and has its origins in the making of collagraph mapping plates. They take their inspiration from map making and methods by which we find ways, traversing the landscape or space using navigational charts and taking bearings from objects in the sky or the landscape. Ideas come from both early mapping of the earth in the form of Portolan charts found in early pilotage books and from modern satellite and computer mapping.