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Lisa Traxler
Isle of Wight, United Kingdom
My previous ‘life’ in costume and textiles and my work now, as a visual contemporary artist, are intrinsically linked. I can’t help but be influenced by light, shape, form and colour around me. This natural outpouring is my driving force and my abstract work contains shapes and movement from diverse sources. When I think back to my time working in the fashion industry the vital connection was through shape and texture - how an outfit was sewn together, the flow of the fabric, the folds and drape of a costume on a human form. I believe this past experience of working in the three dimension has a great influence on how I place collage pieces, form shape within a painting and view my sculptural work in my current practice. My practice weaves between acrylic painting on canvas and paper, and sculptural works with medium such as vitreous enamel on steel and paper composite. All aspects are linked to a series of events in my life and each medium used influences the other; my paintings inform my sculptural works and the 3D re-informs my deconstructed collages and so on. The main aspect of my practice is in the use of water based media. The diversity and energy you can obtain from working very rapidly with acrylic paint is an ideal partner with my abstract style. My water-based collage works are created in pieces, often cutting apart my own drawings and paintings to re- create these amended assembled paintings. The forms are then placed together until they converse and the energy between them works, creating a cohesive balance and proportion. This would apply with both my 2d and 3d works - shape, colour and form have to create a dialogue along with tension and scale. Open form and hard edge shapes creating a rhythm across the paper. I am also Member of the RWS (Royal Watercolour Society, elected 2015) and the MRBS (Royal Society of Sculptors, elected 2017). A full CV can be found on www.lisatraxler.com and further works: www.instagram.com/lisa.traxler/