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The website of the National Acrylic Painters’ Association.  A non-profit making group organised by artists for artists
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Jan Stevens
My Inspiration My abstract art is inspired by a love and appreciation of our blue planet. Especially water and green spaces around golf courses and costal river landscapes.  Cornish raised, state educated, global business wise, international travel and South West London living celebrate my creativity through fusion of my experiences.  My curiosity, community spirit and wonder bring fun and confidence to the finished paintings. I joined West London artists in 2012. I continue to be inspired by other artists in the group. My approach My paintings have a life of their own, no planning, keep it simple and allow the pictures to gradually reveal themselves as each paint colour is applied. I especially enjoy painting shapes to the edge of the canvas, widening the spatial awareness. Using canvas or watercolour paper and rag cotton paper, I can work on several pieces at once. I aim to be in a positive frame of mind, enjoying the excitement and satisfaction as inspiration arrives. I choose the colours as I go. The first application of paint can be poured wet-on-wet or wet-on-dry. I also use brushes and sponge rollers, in a free flowing style to create movement. Once dry, the finer solid shapes are added with smaller brushes to create depth and perspective. Viewing my art When looking at abstract art people see different things.  Shapes and colours can reflect their own experiences in life. I experience happy emotions such as positivity and personal satisfaction while producing the art. I hope my art evokes similar feelings in the viewer. Feeling associated with happy memories that bring a smile, celebration and enjoyment of our fabulous world. Selected Group Exhibitions Royal Watercolour Society,London           March 2019 Waterstreet Gallery, Todmorden     November 2018 Orleans House Gallery     January to April 2014 Solo Exhibition  Bowman Gallery, Richmond            November 2013 Group Charity Art Donations Royal Mid-Surrey Golf Course Richmond May Ball Environmental Trust ( Secret Art Show) MS Trust (The Secret Art Show)