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Ilana Raviv
Tel-Aviv, Israel
On November 10th, 2016, a special event about art and law took place in hall number one of the Jerusalem Magistrate Court - the first historic hall of Israel's Supreme Court at the Russian Compound - in honor of the artist Ilana Raviv (Oppenheim) and the installation of two of her large works at the Magistrate Court. Among the audience were numerous judges, including the Honorable Former Supreme Court Judge Gabriel Bach. Those delivering remarks included President of the Magistrate Court, the Honorable Judge Avital Chen, Curator Dr. Orna Yair, Manager of the Courts' Heritage Museum, Professor David Schwartz, , as well as the artist Ilana Raviv (Oppenheim). Raviv's works can be viewed inside the entrance to the Magistrate Court in Jerusalem at the Russian Compound. Additional works can be viewed on her website at www.ravivart.com.