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Fiona Moatt
My work combines acrylic paint and collage to produce layered, textural images. The technique that I have developed involves ‘pre-painting’ paper with acrylic which is then torn and applied to the surface of the canvas or board. Acrylic is such a wonderfully, versatile medium. Initially I use plenty of water, allowing the paint to move freely before building up thicker layers of either muted or vibrant colour and whilst the acrylic is still wet, folding the paper allows the painted surfaces to merge, creating pattern and texture. Living on the Isle of Wight I naturally draw upon its diverse coastline as a major source for my work. I am particularly fascinated by the changing light and how that affects the colour and mood of the scene. Coastal walks with spectacular views of glistening water or just sitting in the camper-van with a cup of tea watching the ever changing sky, create images that are constantly with me. Since 1999 my paintings have been widely exhibited in galleries and art fairs including, The Royal College of Art, Battersea Contemporary Art Fair, The Affordable Art Fair in New York, London and Bristol, The N.E.C. and in other fine art galleries across the UK including London, Cornwall and The Isle of Wight. In 2002 a series of limited edition prints of my work was published by De Montfort Fine Art. In addition I have worked in schools helping with art projects and competitions and have also run after school classes and art workshops for adults with special needs.