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Bill Kneale
I am a figurative, impressionist artist who has always painted in polymers – first PVA, now acrylic. My interests are in 'People and Places', land/seascapes, beach environments and sea birds. Acrylics allow me scope of techniques from flow formula spraying of textures to knifed on Systems3. I paint on flat and built up board and paper. Acrylic medium is always added to the water, I don't know when I may thin right down to a wash and need the binding medium. Acrylics is a superb, no nonsense medium making possible flat intuitive on site sketching and refined studio controlled techniques. I am interested in, observe and paint impressions of atmospheric landscapes and seascapes with strong elements of design, beach environments and people and places they visit. I paint in a figurative way about what I see. My medium is acrylic, I enjoy its versatility and clean richness of colour; painting outdoors one has to work with its quick drying characteristic which adds freshness and vitality. Combinations of sky, land and water sometimes interwoven, other times apart but never unrelated. Varying paint applications help express particular characteristics of what I am seeing, painting both on site and in my studio. Marks, movements, colours and textures build the impression.
NAPA AWARDS: 2014  Artist’s Publishing Company Award