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Tom Henderson Smith
My working practice is firstly to constantly collect my own digital images as I roam the Cornish landscape or visit festivals here like Golowan or Lafrowda. Then comes a process of distilling the qualities I see in these images to reach what I regard as the jumping-off point for a painting or drawing. The various design and paint applications on my PC have become useful tools in this process. Decisions about scale and format for the drawn or painted image are needed before I‘m ready to continue. The drawing and painting process is, to begin with, one of translation for me, of plotting out and blocking in the composition. Adjustment and re-adjustment play an important role and, with a painting, I find it useful to work with what I call my thinking palette alongside the actual mixing surface. I aim to progress steadily to a point where the painting or drawing takes on a life of its own. Then I know it’s ready to go out into the world!