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Sam Lee
Chaumussay, France
Acrylic is my preferred medium for making paintings. Instinctively I make abstract work, colour based often on odd bits of wood both found or off cuts. I rarely make a canvas or choose an exact size for a piece of work. I have painted on chairs, box’s, trunks, planks, cloth covered with plaster, relief surfaces made from found objects and natural material. I have also made constructed sculptural forms to paint on. Recent small paintings have been made on MDF off cuts but I like unpredictable surfaces and selecting random rough shapes, slightly misshapen, odd, lost and abandoned. I am a very keen beach comber. Each painting is an adventure of gestural marks and rhythms composed in colour. These can be ever changing until they reach a point where I stop working on them. I mostly paint in series on multiple images, of many various sizes often in a limited time frame so acrylic paints, being fast drying and able to hide subsequent layers are perfect for my work. Although I have a wide range of visual interests from installation to photography, which have dominated recent exhibitions, drawing and painting lie at the heart of my discipline.