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Paul Geraghty. (Director of NAPA 2013-16)
The majority of my paintings are not about the particular radiant quality of light that has become synonymous with St. Ives. They are a response to the heavy, atmospheric, almost theatrical gloom that you occasionally find along the Penwith coastline on a cloudy day. It seems appropriate, therefore, to start with a dark backdrop and add light. Initially through wet on wet (keeping the canvas damp with the aid of a water diffuser), a sense of light is added gradually by scumbles of paint, often applied with a rag. Glazes are used to tone down areas that have become too light, building up layers until a satisfactory resolution is acquired. Small details and accents can then be added to the dry surface to provide clarity. Living in St. Ives my subject matter is perhaps naturally, the coastal scenery of the Penwith Peninsula. I am particularly interested in scenes where man made structures combine with the natural environment. Harbours, piers and lighthouses are a recurring theme. Painting on a canvas primed with a finely textured acrylic ground, adds an interesting quality to the brushstrokes as the paint is dragged across the surface. I also prefer painting onto a dark background, applying areas of light onto the surface of the painting. I feel that I am creating a sense of space and form using light rather than building with shadow. In practical terms, when painting light over dark, it is important to use good quality, heavy body acrylic paint and have always been pleased with either Golden Acrylics or Liquitex.
St Ives, Cornwall
NAPA AWARDS: 2008 Daler Rowney Award (Best British Painting) 2010 Pro Arte Award 2013 Global Art Award 2009,2014 The Adrian Henri Memorial Award