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Jan Stevens
My Inspiration I am inspired by a love of life’s connectivity, space, freedom, light, water, fresh air and nature. My abstract art has a life of its own, pictures gradually reveal themselves as each paint colour is applied. My intentions are to love and appreciate all the good life offers, knowing ease and simplicity often lead to the greatest successes. I especially enjoy painting shapes to the edge of the canvas, widening the spatial awareness. I joined West London artists in 2012. I continue to be inspired by other artist in the group. My approach Using canvas or occasional paper, I work on several pieces at once if I discover a style I love. I start by setting a positive intention of enjoyment, happiness, love, freedom or fun. I aim to evoke a feel good factor of a high energy tonic and personal satisfaction. I choose the colours then the background paint is applied with brushes and sponge rollers, in a free flowing style. Once dry, the finer details are added with smaller brushes, a favourite is my rigger brush. While credit cards and tape make marks with straight edges. Viewing my art Three components contribute= your world (the viewer) + my world + the painting. Each one adds a personal energy and experience to the outcome. The result can be anything from an outer surface level of visual appreciation to a deep inner profound insight, the choice is ours.