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Brian Busselle
My    Work    is    not    very    far    removed    from    the landscape   that   informs   it.   I   have   coined   the   term 'Abscape' to describe the resulting images. Having   been   trained   as   a   graphic   designer   this plays   a   large   part   in   the   way   that   I   see   the   world in   front   of   me.I      have   attempted   to   tread   the   path of     pure     abstraction     but     have     come     to     the conclusion that it is not for me. It    all    comes    back    to    nature    for    me    and    the abstraction of the landscape. 'Abscape' Then    there's    colour.    This    come    more    from    an inner   spectrum   than   the   actual   landscape.   There might    be    subconsciously    just    an    element    of romance too. The    use    of    acrylics    has    been    a    major    break through   in   my   methodolgy,   using   a   palette   knife   I can    work    wet    paint    over    dry    speeding    up    the process.