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The website of the National Acrylic Painters’ Association.  A non-profit making group organised by artists for artists
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Beatrice Cloake Fellow of The Royal Society of Artists.
Born in France in the middle of colours, Beatrice Cloake received her Art Education by her father, a master in Stained glass windows. Beatrice has lived in England for 44 years.  Member of the National Acrylic Painters Association since September 2000 she has been invited to exhibit at: The Blacksheep gallery, Hawarden  - Obsidian art gallery -  View Two gallery Liverpool. A two man show in Canterbury under the wing of NAPA. Other exhibitions: Henley Royal Regattas Mixed exhibition in Folkestone. one man show in her home town Hythe. Her work is all about light and colours. Inspired mainly by her surroundings, she loves painting still lives and landscapes. Her clients are private and Corporate (Bank of Scotland Corporate – Clydesdale bank Corporate) Listed in Who’s Who in Art.
Hythe, Kent