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Anthony Skates
My artistic practise is based almost entirely in the medium of Acrylic.  I utilise it for both development processes and in the completion of finished work.  The context of my work is also governed by a self-imposed focus upon the natural and historic landscape which are created in a realistic (but not photo-realist manner).  This is in part driven by personal preference and in part by the local landscape of the Wye Valley and its surrounding areas where I am currently located. The majority of my paintings are produced using canvas as a support but I have also undertaken a significant amount of exploration of the use of both prepared board and di-bonded aluminium.  This last mentioned material was the subject of an short demonstration I undertook for the painter-online newsletter in 2016. The images I produce have a hard -edged quality which is the result of working with some of the intrinsic qualities of Acrylic as a paint. I utilise a large amount of titanium white to moderate my colour and produce a  matt finish which I often preserve by omitting the use of varnish.  My style of mark is guided by the use of small scale brushes and the minimization of washes (other than as under- painting.  My style and practise continue to evolve, however, and it is my intention to explore a looser style of expression in the coming years. My exhibiting experience has stretched over a period of approximately 10 years and includes the following events:
Wye Valley
Old Station Tintern  - Big Meadow (Local Landscapes)  2010 Line and Strata 2  ( an touring exhibition of Welsh Landscape) 2010 Old Station Tintern – New landscapes 2011 Taurus Crafts Lydney – 2011 Art in Pennallt -2011 Gloucester Guildhall (Images of the city)  2012 Old Station Tintern  - Recent Landscapes 2012 Court Cupboard Gallery , Abergavenny – Recent Landscapes 2011 Old Station Tintern Semi Permanent Exhibition of Landscape 2014-16 Dean Heritage Centre –Semi-permanent show of recent work 2017 -2028 Royal West of England Academy – Friends Exhibition  2019 Royal West of England Academy – Open Exhibition 2020